Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sheer-moz (literally translates into "Milk-Banana")

To continue my obsession with bananas, I have decided to pass on a smoothie that was a staple in my home and probably many Persian and Azerbaijani households.  Sheer-moz.  Ignore the name.  It’s not so pretty.  The taste though, is utterly amazing.  A refreshing burst of banana and milk.  You will be energized, invigorated and most importantly happy.  It’s not heavy on the calories and gives you plenty of potassium and calcium for the day.  Start your day with a Sheer-moz for breakfast or end your day with one for dessert.  Or!.....reward yourself with this tasty treat after a hardcore workout at the gym.  You’ve had a long day.  You deserve a Sheer-moz.

An icy cold Sheer-moz just for you!

One ripe banana 
3/4 cup skim milk
About 6-8 large ice cubes

Place all ingredients into a blender and blend.  Pour into a nice tall glass and drink up.

Pretty simple.

PS- Again, if you want to modify the Sheer-moz you can.  For instance, if your banana is not perfectly ripe, you can add a teaspoon of honey.  If you desire more protein, throw in a spoon of peanut butter.  If you are in an almond mood, go nuts (pun intended).  Or instead of skim milk, go dairy free with vanilla almond milk and throw in a few dates for some natural sweetness.  Whatever you do, once it’s done, just sit back, relax and enjoy your Sheer-moz like I always do :-)


SmallbutMighty said...

I remember you made this us for us in the 1990s! It is delicious!

Solmaz said...

Wow- good memory! It must have been good if you remember it from back then haha. Thank you so much and enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Haha. Thanks for the post. I actually think the name Sheer-Moz sounds beautiful in Persian. In English the sentence order is opposite, so a more accurate translation is Banana Milk. : ) I'll add it to my list of favorite milks along with almond milk and rice milk.