Monday, November 7, 2011

Fat Free Greek Yogurt Curry Chicken Salad

This salad is one of my all time favorites.  It's really delicious.  And the best part about it is that it’s made with fat free Greek yogurt, not mayonnaise!  So, no guilt.  Enjoy it on a bed of greens, on your favorite bread or just alone out of the bowl you made it in because you just can’t wait to have some.  Having a luncheon and want to impress your guests?  Want to surprise your boyfriend or girlfriend with a healthy, gourmet lunch you whipped up yourself on a Saturday afternoon that looks like you bought it at the specialty market?  Or do you just want to treat yourself to an amazingly healthy and flavorful meal full of protein, fruits, nuts and veggies?

Please try this :-)  

It looks pretty and tastes yummy

To cook the chicken- 
½ chicken breast
1-cup fat free, low sodium chicken broth
¼ cup fresh cilantro chopped
1 small yellow onion chopped
1-tablespoon olive oil
Dash of salt

To make the salad- 
Of course you need the chicken you just cooked which I will explain below
1 heaping tablespoon fat free Greek yogurt
Just under a teaspoon your favorite curry (try the Savory Spice Shop's Medium Yellow Curry and it's salt-free!
1 green onion chopped into small pieces
1 large tablespoon chopped cilantro
About a ¼ cup chopped red apples of your choosing (I highly recommend honeycrisp- they are the best apples on the face of the earth)
1/4 cup pecan pieces
Salt and pepper to taste
(if you really want to you can add just a small handful of raisins for a little more sweetness.  I do this on occasion but usually I keep it simple and don't)


Prepping to cook the chicken: sautéing the onion and cilantro together   

Wait to boil, then reduce heat and cover

Many people assume others know how to cook chicken for chicken salad but this is not innate.  So I figured I would tell you how I cook mine (if you have a different way you love, go for it.  I love the way mine tastes though.  Very juicy and flavorful, so it is worth a try).

Sauté the onion for 1-2 minutes in olive oil and then add the cilantro (1/4 cup).  Continue to sauté together until onions are just translucent.  At this point, add the chicken and the chicken broth on top.  Add a dash of salt.  Bring to a boil and immediately reduce heat (I reduce to about 2-3 on the burner) and allow to cook for about 30 minutes.  (I flip the chicken in the pot a few times during the 30 minutes so it cooks evenly throughout).  After it is done cooking, I remove it from the broth (leaving the onions and cilantro behind as well) and cut it into nice pieces using a fork and knife.

Now, on to the fun part!  With your cut up chicken in a bowl, add the fat free Greek yogurt and curry and mix well.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  Then add the green onion and 1 tablespoon cilantro and mix again.  And finally add the pecans and apples and mix.  


One of my all time salad favorites!   

Almost done...just about to add the apples.

And done!  Bon Appetit!

PS- Stay tuned for my Tarragon Chicken Salad, equally delicious but in a whole different way :-)

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