Wednesday, March 14, 2012

30 Minutes to a Healthier You!

1.  Set aside 10 minutes each day to get moving.  

Of course longer would be better, but if you can start with 10 minutes a day of any work-out that makes you break a sweat--whether that means jogging, jumping jacks, lunges, push-ups, squats or a combination of all of the above (I tell my patients even speed walking at the mall or by your favorite retail stores counts as long as you aren't pausing every 2 minutes to drool over those latest Jimmy Choo flats in the window)…you have started and that is what’s most important.

2.  Set aside 10 minutes each day for meditation and self-reflection, preferably just before going to bed. 

Find a spot that is your own, close your eyes and just be.  For only 10 minutes.   Now that your mind is clear and your body relaxed, don’t go checking your email or firing texts right after…try snuggling up to your favorite blanket and going to sleep instead. 

3.  Set aside 10 minutes each day to de-clutter your life.  

Whether that means entering that war zone you call your closet and creating some method to the madness like designating a separate shelf for jeans, dress pants and Capri’s…or throwing out those kitchen tools that serve no purpose and are only taking up space in your already overfull knick-knacks drawer…or responding to that email from your long-lost cousin Bill asking for 100 grand that you don’t have or your co-worker asking you to cover him/her that has been hanging over your head and stressing you out for weeks… you owe it to yourself to do some organizing and rid your life of unnecessary clutter. 


That's just 30 minutes each day towards improved mental and physical health which are well worth it in the long run.  Over time, you can build up to longer intervals (or if you're already there, keep it up rockstar!) but it's always best to start with small steps.  I promise that by making little changes in your daily routine and sticking to them, you will notice a difference in your overall stress level, mood and general well-being! 

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