Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Recipe and Tips for Healthy Lips: Brown Sugar & Olive Oil Scrub

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As most of you know by now, I believe healthy eating is the cornerstone of wellness.  I like to think of my kitchen as a "Farmacy" that I stock with fresh foods and spices packed with healing and medicinal properties.  But some of you may not know that I also use many of these ingredients for simple beauty care as well.  Many of my friends have been suggesting that I share some of these simple techniques with you here.  Because so many people suffer from painful chapped lips both in the winter with the harsh cold weather and winds as well as in the summer with sun exposure, I decided to share my simple softening and exfoliating lip scrub today. There are many causes of severely chapped lips ... 

such as certain medical conditions, vitamin deficiencies and medication side effects.  However, common causes include dehydration, smoking and oral habits such as licking the lips and mouth breathing.  So I will stress prevention here by saying my recipe for healthy lips will only work if you also keep hydrated (which means avoid alcoholic and caffeinated beverages that dehydrate- water is always the best!), avoid tobacco products, breathe through your nose and avoid licking your lips.  Also make sure to protect your lips by using lip balms containing beeswax or petroleum.  Oil-based lubricating creams are another option.  Just make sure whichever you are using does contain sunscreen and don't be skimpy when outside- reapply often!  Another tip is to apply a nice layer on at night before going to bed to keep your lips moist while sleeping.  A few other pointers- ingredients such as menthol, eucalyptus and camphor have been found to cause irritation.  Those who are acne prone may benefit from petroleum-free products as this may cause pore clogging.  If you have specific questions, it's always a good idea to talk with your doctor.  

Here is the recipe for my fabulous softening and exfoliating lip scrub.  

All you need are the following:

1 tablespoon brown sugar (I prefer brown but white works as well)
A few drops of organic extra virgin olive oil
A warm towel (I moisten a towel with water, wring it out, fold and place in microwave for about 10-15 seconds) 
Lip balm (as described above)


Note: lip exfoliation is best to do right after a shower when your lips are nice and warm.  Alternatively you can hold the warm towel over your lips for a few minutes.  Your lips should be free of any moisturizers, glosses or lipsticks so if you have used any of these products recently, wash off/remove.

1.  Place the sugar into a small bowl and add the olive oil drop by drop until the mixture becomes a paste-like consistency.

2.  Gently rub the sugar/olive oil scrub on your lips in a circular motion (remember, your lips are delicate so be gentle when applying).

3.  After approximately 2 minutes, gently wipe off the scrub with your damp towel. 

4.  Now apply your favorite lip balm to lock in the moisture.  

The result?  Soft, hydrated, healthy looking and feeling lips!  And the best part is, most of us already have the ingredients for this rather delicious, all natural treatment at home.     



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