Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Good Night Fresh Ginger and Lemon Tea

This soothing, caffeine-free tea will relax you like no other.  It truly is the perfect good night tea.  So easy to make, the combination of fresh ginger and lemon is simply delicious.  As an added perk, the medicinal effects of ginger are vast from alleviating nausea and painful menstrual cramps to reducing inflammation and preventing against certain types of cancer.  And the synergistic effect of ginger and lemon are useful for easing symptoms of the common cold and flu.

1 lemon washed and thinly sliced with the peel on
1 piece (about 1 inch) of fresh ginger thinly sliced
2-3 cups boiling spring water
Honey to taste (I use 1 teaspoon)

Place the sliced lemon and ginger into a small teapot.  Add boiling spring water, stir and allow to steep for about 15 minutes.  Pour into a cup and sweeten with honey.  Have a good night :-)  

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