Saturday, February 2, 2013

Healthy and Delicious Super Bowl Sunday Food Ideas

With Super Bowl Sunday almost here, I thought I'd put together a list of simple, healthy and delicious dishes and snack food from All Is Well That Eats Well for you!  It's really easy to sit there watching the game while continuously consuming what seem to be innocent little finger foods.  They're so tiny so popping say 5 or 20 pigs in a blanket down your throat can't do too much damage.  Right?  Wrong.  It's amazing how a bunch of unhealthy dishes at arm's reach coupled with the distraction of the game can leave you feeling completely overstuffed and set you back in your mission to get healthy in the new year.  I'm not saying everything on the table needs to be super healthy- it is a football game after all.  It's just good to have some healthy options while so many unhealthy ones are looming about.  So enjoy the game, the company and of course, the food!  Just click on the links for the recipes :-)

1.  Yogurt Cucumber Dish- enjoy alone or serve it with pita chips!

2.  Get in my belly Tabouleh- who says you can't have Tabouleh while watching the Super Bowl?

3.  Japanese Guacamole- because you can never have too much avocado.

4.  Healthy Chicken Drumsticks (or wings!) with Asian Flair- way healthier than the deep fried version.

5.  "I Want Some More Chili" Chili- so easy, so tasty, so what are you waiting for?

6.  Grilled Veggie Stacks- this combo of flavors is so tasty, your guests may decide not to leave.

7.  Pesto Panini Pizza- a healthy pizza that's just as, if not more delicious than delivery!

8.  Spicy Sesame-Soy Soba Noodles- unconventional for Super Bowl, but it doesn't matter because they are AMAZING!


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