Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The "Dirt" on Organics

Is buying organic worth the higher price??  A recent meta analysis from my alma mater Stanford University investigated 237 studies addressing the nutritional value of foods grown organically versus conventionally.  

Conclusion: the Stanford team found that nutritionally there were few differences between organic versus conventional products. What they did find was that there were less antibiotic and hormonal residues in the meat from animals raised organically. Furthermore, there were lower levels of pesticides and herbicides found in the organic plant crops and they were also exposed to less irradiation.

In my opinion, buying organic especially when it comes to the "Dirty Dozen" (for more info click here) is definitely worth the price--less exposure to pesticides/hormones/antibiotics and in the name of practicing environmental consciousness!  More research needs to be done in the future to determine the difference in nutritional value of organic versus conventional products.

My motto is when in doubt, ESPECIALLY when you can eat the skin, go organic!

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