Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Healthy and Delicious Snacks to Get You Through the Workday

You have a ridiculously busy week of work ahead and you know that when 3 pm rolls around you’ll get that sudden craving for something you know you shouldn’t be having like that bag of potato chips or that candy bar packed with caramel and peanuts.  And with the vending machine strategically positioned just around the corner, what’s stopping you other than your conscience?  You’ve made a plea to yourself to make healthier eating decisions, and that applies to snacks as well.  But healthy doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice deliciousness, ever!  So say goodbye to the alluring vending machine, because there’s a whole new set of snacks coming to town!  This snack list is meant for the busy professional who is limited by time and who suffers from great taste :-)  Many can be prepared ahead of time so that you have one less thing to stress about come Sunday night and for the rest of the work week.

As featured on The Daily Muse and Yahoo! Shine.

2.  Persian Yogurt Cucumber Dish (Mast-o Khiar)

3.  Egg and Gruyère with Tarragon on Whole-grain Baguette

4.  Tasty Tuna with Asian Flair

5.  Bananarama Power!  (not your average power bar)

6.  Honeycrisp Apple Sandwich


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