I am a board certified internal medicine physician with training from Stanford University, Jefferson Medical College, Boston Medical Center, Lenox Hill Hospital and Harvard Medical School/Institute of Lifestyle Medicine. 

I am committed to preventive medicine and believe that making healthy eating choices is one of the most important steps in fighting chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  Quick fixes and crash diets do not work and can result in dangerous outcomes.  There is no magic bullet.  Healthy, nutritious food can and should be delicious. 

My recipes are easy, healthy and delicious.  They will make you feel satisfied and energized.  

It was an honor to spearhead Lunch and Learn lectures at the United States Air Force Health and Wellness Center where I taught airmen and their families how to make these simple, nutrient-dense dishes in just 30 minutes.  

Through my counseling, my patients have lost over 40 pounds, reversed their diabetes and subsequently come off of medications and brought their cholesterol and blood pressure down to normal ranges allowing them to put down their medications for good. 

The focus of my research has been nutrition, specifically how healthy eating results in disease prevention and a longer life.  I have lectured on the results of my research at amazing institutions throughout the country such as Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC and The United States Air Force Department of Endocrinology in San Antonio, Texas.  I was also chosen as part of a highly selective program to participate in a program in collaboration with the Institute of Culinary Education.  It was here that I trained in firsthand knowledge on how to counsel patients on the benefits of healthy eating.

I consider it a privilege to be an internal medicine doctor and provide intimate, focused guidance to so many individuals.  Every time I help someone achieve his or her goals through dedicated lifestyle guidance, I am grateful for this most fulfilling and rewarding experience. 

There is no better satisfaction than helping my patients become empowered on the path to total health.